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Info for Past Graduates from 2020 & 2021

We are pleased to be able to welcome our Alumni from 2020 & 2021 for this year's on campus Graduation Ceremonies

Thank you for letting us know whether or not you will be attending your ceremony. We have now been able to confirm the timings of ceremonies. 

You will have until Tuesday 21 June to make any amendments, should your circumstances change.

How to respond

    1. Log into eVision. You will need your student number and password. Your student number can be found in your email invite sent on 14 March 2022.
    2. If you do not have an active Brunel account, your password has been reset to the format of your date of birth (DDMMYY). For example, 1 June 2003 would be 010603.
    3. Once logged in, go to the 'My Graduation' tab and complete the task.
    4. If you have been awarded in 2020 or 2021 and are also anticipating being awarded this summer, you will have two invitation tasks to complete. Please respond to both by completing the task for the first course and then logging out of e-vision and logging back in again to complete the second.

Please note, if you’re only attending one ceremony, this should be that of your highest award. We will note any previous awards obtained during 2020 and 2021 (whether you are attending or not) in our programme.

Can’t log into e-vision?
If you have tried to access your account with your reset password and are still having problems logging in to your eVision account then please contact our student centre via email: or by phone on: +44 (0)1895 268268 and they will be able to assist you.

The eVision task is designed for students who are yet to be awarded, so there will be sections of the task which are not applicable for previous graduates (such as amending the name that will appear on your certificate prior to being awarded).  

I haven't received my certificate yet, will I get this at the ceremony?

Unfortunately for our past students, we will not be issuing certificates at ceremonies. However you are able to have your certificate posted to you now.

In order to make arrangements for the dispatch of your certificate you will need to complete an eVision task which is available in the “my Course> View Award” tabs. If you have any problems logging in to your eVision account then please contact our student centre via email; or by phone on; +44 (0)1895 268268 and they will be able to assist you.

Our UK mail is sent via 2nd class delivery and international mail is centrally dispatched via DHL.
We are not able to provide tracking numbers for posted certificates.

Can I defer to a future ceremony?

For those whose Graduation was cancelled due to COVID restrictions, you may defer your ceremony attendance for up to 5 years.

Please email with a short description and reason for requesting deferral; students will be informed of the decision as soon as possible.

I previously ordered a gown for Winter 2021 what do I need to do?

You have the choice to defer your gown order to Summer or Winter (if Postgraduate) 2022 or receive a full refund from our gown hire supplier, YourGraduation (Marston Robing Ltd). You can decide online by logging-in to your account here using your email and the password you were sent when you set up the original order.

Your password was emailed to you on your original order confirmation email. If you have lost your password, please select reset – remember to double check your Junk/Spam folders and allow up to one hour to receive this reset.

Once logged in, please select the “Student Details” tab and then go to “Other information” and click on the “Required Additional Information” button. Make your choice from the three options and then exit the account.

As the times for the afternoon ceremonies have yet to be confirmed, for the purposes of hiring your gown, please log in to your account and defer your order to 2:30pm on the day of your ceremony. If, due to high demand, we hold your ceremony at 6:30pm, we will liaise with Marston Robing to amend your order for you. 

You will receive a confirmation email from YourGraduation once your order had been processed.

If you select either deferral option, the University will be able to provide specific dates and times once they are known and you will have the opportunity to revise your decision once the dates are released.

Is there a way I can re-watch my Virtual Graduation ceremony?


We have an archive of all of our Virtual Ceremonies here: