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How and when am I invited?

Students are invited to attend Graduation via an electronic invitation in eVision. You will be emailed when you are able to view your invitation.

The Graduation eVision task allowing you to accept or decline our invitation will be available from the week commencing 20 February 2023. If the 'my Graduation' tab is not available in your eVision account, please visit Brunel Help (unless you are a Doctoral Research student who will only be invited upon successful submission of thesis to the library).

Invitations are sent out in advance of your anticipated award and attendance at Graduation and is conditional upon you being cleared by the University to attend the Ceremony, for further information about this click here.

Do remember that, until the Board of Examiners has met and agreed your award, you have not been cleared to attend. We recommend that you make yourself aware of when your results are due to be released by looking in eVision, and keep an eye out for an email in on or after 22 June, which will confirm that you have been cleared to attend.

How do I respond?

To respond to the task in eVision:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username (your username is your student ID number).
  3. Enter your eVision student portal password (or follow the on-screen instructions if you have forgotten your password).
  4. Look at the top of the screen and click on “my Graduation”.

 If your 'my Graduation' is missing, please visit Brunel Help.

Why do I need to respond?

It is important to inform the University if you wish to attend so that appropriate arrangements are made regarding your attendance or absence status.

Responding also enables you to:

  •  secure visa support letters for you and your guests
  •  ensure your attendance and guest tickets

If you are not planning to attend, in addition to responding to the graduation you will also need to complete the eVision certificate task. This is so that arrangements can be made to send your certificate to you without delay following your ceremony.

The eVision task is available in the “my Course> View Award” tabs. If you have any problems logging in to your eVision account then please contact our student centre via email; or by phone on; +44 (0)1895 268268 and they will be able to assist you. If you do not request your certificate it will not be automatically produced.

If you do not wish to attend and do not reply to the invitation, there may be a delay in your certificate being available regardless of when you completed the certificate task.

Please note non-attendance will not automatically make you eligible for future ceremonies.

Deferral requests are granted in exceptional circumstances and if you wish to defer to the next available ceremony please email with a short description and reason for requesting deferral; students will be informed of the decision as soon as possible.