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Studying from outside of the UK

So that you can start your studies with us whatever your circumstances, programmes will be delivered online and will include live, interactive session.

You may have difficulties engaging with your lecturer in the UK or fellow students in other countries if you are studying in a time zone that differs greatly. Try to attend live sessions when possible so that you can contribute to (and benefit from) feedback and interaction with your peers and tutors.

Here are some top tips to help you get the most out of your time wherever you are:

Use the World Clock on your phone

Most mobile phones have a ‘World Clock’function in the clock app. You can add London as an additional location to keep track of what time it is in the UK.

Make a note of your deadlines

Check what time locally your assignments are due and make a note of these. If there is a large time difference, you may have to structure the way you work to ensure you submit on time.

Be aware of cultural differences

Working patterns and habits can vary between regions. Some don’t have traditional hours, take lunch at different times or may have longer breaks. So…

Be Patient

We are used to almost instant responses in the digital age but if someone doesn’t get back to you straight away it may be because they are not online, or not working at that time.

State your time zone

If you are scheduling a meeting with your tutor or peers, tell them what time zone you are using to avoid any confusion. If you schedule the meeting through an application like Outlook you can select Coordinated Universal Time or UTC and to send attendees invites converted to their own time zone.

Tell your department

If you are finding it difficult to attend a session regularly because of the time it takes place, let your department know. You may not be the only student having this problem and they may be able to suggest alternative arrangements.