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Amanda Rohloff Moral Panics Collection

Dr Amanda Rohloff, known as Mandy, (27/03/1982 - 07/12/2012) was a determined, caring, trailblazing sociologist who read academic books for pleasure, soaked up knowledge and always strived to learn more. She was a prolific and accessible writer having published book chapters and articles in leading journals and she had secured a book contract with Routledge.

She grew up in Karori, New Zealand and studied psychology and biological science at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). Upon graduation, she was awarded a LB Wood Travelling Scholarship which brought her to Brunel University, where she completed a PhD on climate change and the concept of 'moral panic'. During her time at VUW she had worked in the W.J. Scott Library at the Karori Campus of VUW, and she continued this work at Brunel where she also worked in the Library and taught and mentored undergraduates.

Mandy was instrumental in the organisation of the 3-day international conference Moral Panics in the Contemporary World at Brunel University in 2010, attracting speakers from around the world, including Stan Cohen and Jock Young, the developers of the concept of 'moral panic'. There were 150 delegates and it was a huge success.

Following the conference, an international research network for moral panic scholars was created, with its own Moral Panic Studies website, blog, and YouTube videos of most of the keynote speakers' talks.

The Moral Panics collection was also set up by Mandy after the conference and has been substantially added to by books donated from her own collection after her sudden death. The collection is available to members of the Moral Panic Studies network, Brunel University staff and research students. It is also available to undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at Brunel whose dissertations are in moral panic research. You can browse the List of items held in the collection.

Access to collection

The books are now available on the library shelves.