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Neglected Voices

The Neglected Voices archive comprises transcription poems by Allan Sutherland, the interviews on which the poems were based, and also recordings. In these interviews and transcription poems, disabled people talk about their experiences and life histories. Allan Sutherland interviewed the individuals and created the poems, whilst he was poet-in-residence at the Centre for Citizen Participation at Brunel University. There are four transcription poems:

  • Proud, based on the words of Jennifer Taylor
  • In memory, based on the words of Catriona Grant
  • This hearing thing, based on the words of Wendy Bryant (former member of staff at Brunel University)
  • Dan Dare braces, based on the words of Peter Moore

Allan Sutherland delivered a paper about transcription poetry at the Fifth International Disability Studies Conference, which took place at Lancaster University in September 2010. His paper was entitled Transcription poetry as a vehicle for documenting the lives of disabled people.

Finding aids

There is a description of the collection on Archives Hub.

The transcription poems are available on the Disability Arts Online website.

There is a finding aid for manuscript material.

Access to the collection

Paper copies of the interviews and an electronic copy of the Neglected Voices archive are available. A backup electronic copy of the Neglected Voices archive is held in the Library, with another copy at the British Library.

Access is by appointment only. To request an appointment please e-mail Special.Collections@brunel.ac.uk giving at least 2 working days notice. Appointments are subject to staff availability. You can check when we are open on the Using our collections page