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Request copies

To enable you to get the best use out of your time in Special Collections you may wish to make copies of material to take away with you for further research. Or if you are unable to visit in person, it is possible to have bespoke copies of some items created for you.

Our services available include:

Self-service digital photography

You may take images of materials using your own digitial device. We do ask that you fill in our 'Digital Permissions form' and bear in mind handling advice from staff to ensure correct handling of material.

Scans by email 

We can send you a basic scanned image of a suitable document via your email at a cost of 50p per image. To request an image you must fill in an order form. Scans are normally sent within ten working days of request (depending on time of year). There is also an additional £2.50 admin charge regardless of number of images requested.


Digital photography by email 

On request, digitial photographs of items can be arranged to be delivered via email. Photographs are normally sent within ten working days of request (depending on time of year) at a cost of £2 per image with an additional £2.50 admin charge.


Professional photography

The university photographer is available to create images suitable for museum displays, reproduction in books etc. Please contact us to discuss costs, timeframe and arranging imaging rights.

Image reproduction rights

Although we own or maintain collections this does not always equate to owning the copyright on items. Many of the items in our collection are in third party ownership and subject to copyright law. Copies supplied are on the basis that the copy will only be used in research for a non-commercial purpose or private study and will not involve the supply of copies of these materials to other parties.

The Special Collection Librarian can advise informally on copyright, but this is not official legal advice. We will not undertake in-depth copyright related enquires to determine copyright holders of materials. Finally, any infringement of copyright is your own responsibility.

For more information on copyright please take a look at the Library's Copyright pages.

Reprographics Costs

 Service Form TimeframeCost

Self service digital photography

 Form to be filled in



 Scan by email

 Form to be filled in

10 working days

£2.50 admin charge, 50p per image

 Digital photography by email

 Form to be filled in

10 working days

 £2.50 admin charge,  £2 per image