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Support Us

You can support Brunel Special Collections by donating items, or by volunteering. 

Donating to Special Collections

We are happy to consider new donations that will enrich our existing collections or support the teaching or research of the university.

Any donations proposed will be reviewed by the Special Collections Librarian. Donations may not be accepted if they are not within the scope of our collections, if they duplicate existing materials, or if they would require significant investment to maintain.

If you are interested in donating items to our Special Collections please email special.collections@brunel.ac.uk

Full details about the subjects we collect are on our Collections webpage.

Volunteering in Special Collections

Every year we recruit a small number of student volunteers in Special Collections. Students typically spend a few hours a week in the department contributing to our current projects. 

Special Collections - Volunteering

Special Collections Volunteer

Our volunteers are essential to the work that we do in Special Collections. Our volunteer opportunities are a great way for students to gain workplace skills and experience what it is like working in this sector. You can find out more about what we do in our day in the life of Special Collections blog or reading some blog posts by previous volunteers.

Example tasks a volunteer might participate in include:

Preservation of Collections - We carry out procedures that aim to prolong the lives of our records. This can be as simple as removing staples and replacing them with brass paperclips, or storing fragile items in specialised archival plastic sleeves.

Making collections accessible - Produce collection level descriptions and finding aids for each collection. This enables researches to locate where the items are that they wish to look at.

Outreach and Promotion - Contribute to social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and a blog, in order to promote our collections to a wider audience.

Accessions - You might be asked to create basic lists of items donated to the department or sort through materials.

If you are a student interested in volunteering please contact special.collections@brunel.ac.uk for information.