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You Said, We Did

We feed you and you feedback. Here are some of our We Hear You accomplishments based on your feedback.

At Taste Kingdom, we actively develop our campus food offer to match food trends and student needs, so if you would like to put forward any ideas, contact us today.


SM Delivery-min

November 2020

SM Delish-min

October 2020

SM Kookd-min

October 2020

SM Bamboo-min

August 2020

SM Isolators-min

April 2020

Pizza at 1966-min-compressed

February 2020

Beldam Menu-min-compressed

February 2020


January 2020


January 2020

Locos Menu-min-compressed (2)

January 2020

Vegan Pizza-min-compressed

January 2020

Hola Pollo Menu-min-compressed

January 2020

Food fact friday-min-compressed

December 2019

Goodness Gracious-min-compressed (1)

November 2019