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Faith Guide

Global Faith Course for Students                       Brunel+


When we learn about each other’s faiths and beliefs it can help us to have a greater understanding, respect, co-operation and trust with one another.  This helps us in our everyday life, in our community and when we leave University and start work.

The Revd Sally Hitchiner, the Anglican and Coordinating Chaplain has organised a 7 week Global Faith Awareness Course to be held in the Spring term 2018.

There will be a different  faith speaker for the first 6 weeks who will talk about their particular faith, the basic beliefs, how people from that faith see themselves and see the world.

There will be a half an hours talk followed by group discussions and the opportunity to ask any further questions. The 7th week will be an overview of the course. On completion of the course you will be presented with a certificate.

The Global Faith Awareness Course will earn students 70 Brunel+ points if you attend ALL of the sessions.



Professional Development Centre — The Brunel+ Award

The Brunel+ Award is designed to give you recognition for the non-academic activities that you participate in during your time here at Brunel. Collect enough points and you will receive a Bronze+, Silver+ or Gold+ Award to demonstrate to employers that you are a well-rounded candidate with skills beyond academia.

The Global Faith Awareness Course is just one of the choices you can make to earn the points.  


To register for the next course please contact Sue.Hepworth@brunel.ac.uk