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Arriving at Brunel

Courses that start early

If your course starts before Monday 17 September, it will be clearly marked on your Welcome Week timetable accessible below.

Arrivals Sunday - 16 September 2018

Many of our students choose to register and/or move into halls of residence on Arrivals Sunday. This is a really exciting and vibrant day and an excellent way to start your time at Brunel.

Welcome Week - 17 to 21 September 2018

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Welcome Week is designed to give you all the information you need to start your time at Brunel. You will receive a Welcome Week Timetable (below) listing the important sessions and events which are relevant to you. We would encourage you to attend all events to ensure you don't miss out on vital information. 

View your Welcome Week Timetable

The simplest way to access your Welcome Week Timetable is by logging into your Brunel eVision account here. Just log in with your credentials, click on the 'My Course' tab at the top of the page and your personalised Welcome Week Timetable will appear to the right hand side of the screen.

You can also find your Welcome Week Timetable manually by selecting the appropriate programme for your course on this webpage.

Please note: each Welcome Week Timetable is updated with live information and is subject to change. We do not recommend printing this timetable and recommend regular checking back for the latest information.

Your teaching timetable will be available separately. You must complete stage one of the registration process (online registration) and the My Brunel Network Account task to then be able to access your timetable via Blackboard, Brunel’s Virtual Learning Environment.

University registration

Registration is one of the most important tasks to complete in your first few days at Brunel.

There are three main registration dates - you can choose which one and at what time you register:

Sunday 16 September - 10am - 5pm (Sports Hall)

Monday 17 September - 9am - 6pm (Sports Hall)

Tuesday 18 September - 9am - 5pm (Sports Hall)

Visit our registration web page for further instructions.

Online Medical Centre registration

If you have not done so already and are living on campus, you can register online for access to services at the Brunel Medical Centre.