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Late Arrivals

Sometimes things happen which make you late. No need to worry, but make sure you check out deadlines for things that need to be done. Registration and module selections are your main priorities.

Need help?   +44 1895 268268

Lots of information was given out to students in Welcome Week. There’s no problem that you missed it as you can find most of it below. Please do get in touch though if you have any questions.

As soon as you can, please:

  • Complete Registration
  • Speak to your department to ascertain which lectures you may have missed including any deadlines for coursework submission and module selection
  • Ask to your department in regards to Tier 4 student engagement points to ensure you have not missed any
  • Sign-up for your introductory UniSmart Talk on 2 October at 16:30.
  • Explore the other services listed on this page