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BSc Biomedical Sciences and BSc Life Sciences

Welcome Week Timetable 2020 

Monday 21 September

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Welcome to your programme

Introduction to the Division of Biosciences 

Introduction to your programme 


Elisabete Silva (Division Lead)

David Tree (Life sciences)

Sabrina Tosi (Biomedical Sciences) 





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Welcome to the Library 

An introduction to the services and support the Library offers.

Discover how to find, access and borrow information resources, meet your subject librarian and learn essential information on how to get started using the Library.

 Joanne McPhie






Introduction to tutoring 


Ashley Houlden (Divisional tutor)




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 Meet your personal tutor 

Personal tutors and tutoring group




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Welcome video and resources

Welcome Week Activity  Description              

Welcome video from your department

View your department's video here

Find out more about the Library                                                                             

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Find out how you can submit coursework and exams via WISEflow

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We look forward to meeting you!

If you have any questions  about your timetable, contact:

Taught Programmes Office: John Gratrick