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Occupational therapy PG welcome week

Welcome Week Timetable 2020 

Pre-reading and activities

In order to prepare for your occupational therapy programme, the Programme Lead has assigned some pre-reading and activities for you to complete. You are invited to access the documents below and complete the reading and assigned activities before Welcome Week begins.

• Pre-Reading & Activities https://www.brunel.ac.uk/about/chmls/pdf/Welcome-Week-2020/PDF-1-OT-MSc-Pre-Reading-and-Activties-List.pdf

• Inclusion in Occupational Therapy https://www.brunel.ac.uk/about/chmls/pdf/Welcome-Week-2020/PDF-2-OT-MSc-Pre-Reading-Inclusion-in-OT.pdf


Monday 21 September

Welcome Week Activity  Description              Start TimeEnd Time  Link

Visions & Values on our Occupational Therapy Programmes

(Programme Lead & Race & Cultural Equality (RACE) Lead) 

An introduction to the ethos of our OT community and our expectations from our community members. (pre-recorded) 

Professionalism in Occupational Therapy (Dr Carolyn Dunford) 

An introduction to becoming a professional and the expectations for occupational therapy. (pre-recorded) 

Submit pre-arrival quiz on professionalism  

Quiz to be completed on the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Code of Professional Conduct. This will form part of the student’s portfolio(complete online) 

 Introduction to Your Year Lead & Programme Lead 

 Syncronous introduction to Dr Sushmita Mohapotra (Year 1 Lead) & Dr Mellissa Prunty (Programme Lead). 



Email forwarded to student before arrival. Also available on BBL  

Zoom Link


Meeting ID: 947 6889 8247 

Passcode: 2774603179

Tuesday 22 September

Welcome Week Activity  Description              Start TimeEnd Time  Link

Success on your programme: Introduction to MSc Year one (Year lead/ Programme lead)

Guidance on how to succeed on your programme, the structure of your programme, information about study skills and available support and what studying at Masters level means

Pre recorded

Connecting with your Cohort Part 1 

Students to upload a 30-60 second video about themselves onto BBL. (complete online) 



BlackBoard Learn

Immunisations: How? Why?

Essential and required information about the need to have immunisations as a student on your programme

Pre recorded video by Diane, Interactive (Q &A) session with Year lead and Diane (30min)



Blackboard Learn

Join Zoom

Meeting ID: 989 8841 5858

Passcode: 6270622493


Wednesday 23 September

Welcome Week ActivitiesDescriptionStart TimeEnd Time Link

International Students Meet Dr Kee Hean Lim

Interactive - virtual




Join Zoom

 Meeting ID: 913 7870 5182

Passcode: 7896449629


Introduction to Study Blocks (Module leads)

Important details introducing the various study and module blocks, their purpose and content. Preparation for week 1 eg. information on what to read, outline of what lectures look like

Pre recorded videos by module leads, including placements 



Blackboard Learn

Tutoring@Brunel - (Meet your Tutor) Parallel sessions

You meet a group of new students with the member of staff who will be your personal academic tutor. The tutor will take you through the various ways they can support you

Interactive on Zoom with individual Tutors



Your Personal Tutor will be in touch with you directly via email to arrange a Zoom call with you and your group. The day and time may vary but it will be scheduled during the afternoon UK time to accommodate our US studentsPlease wait to be contacted.  


Digital education, assessment submission and feedback, taught programme office

Introductions to key people and support systems you will use throughout your programmes eg. BBL, WiseFlow, eVision and TPO team. Know how to use them and who to approach in crisis

Individual pre-recorded videos



Blackboard Learn

Thursday 24 September

Welcome Week ActivityDescription Start Time End Time Link

Immunisation Card Hand-in (With Placement team/Diane)



Students who have completed their immunisations and have had them signed by a doctor can submit them for the occupational health doctor to check

Interactive on Zoom





Join Zoom

Meeting ID: 977 7638 0873

Passcode: 2862744731

MSc Year 1 RACE  Interactive Session Q &A 

 (Year Lead, Program lead & RACE Lead) 

Meet Program lead, Year lead and your cohort informally. Interactive on Zoom  



Join Zoom

Meeting ID: 499 957 2779 

Passcode: 8439715926 

MSc Cohort Meet and Q&A (Program lead)

Meet Program lead, Year lead and your cohort informally. Interactive on Zoom 



Join Zoom

Meeting ID: 971 4321 3154

Passcode: 5674786744

Friday 25 September

Welcome Week Activity  Description              Start TimeEnd Time  Link

Visions & Values on our Occupational Therapy Programmes

Students to spend time viewing the introductory videos uploaded by their peers on BBL and use the comment functions to reach out (complete online) 




We look forward to meeting you!

If you have any questions  about your timetable, contact:

Taught Programmes Office: John Gratrick