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Get vaccinated before you arrive

Get at least one covid jab before you arrive (but only if you can)

Tell us your vaccination status or plans in a  short four-question survey. It will help us plan for term.

We will be offering covid vaccines to all students irrespective of their country of origin and you'll be able to book the jabs when you arrive onto our Uxbridge campus. However, we strongly encourage you to get at least one covid jab before you arrive at Brunel. This is because, for most of the covid vaccines available, there is a recommended eight week time gap. Since we would like everyone to be fully vaccinated by start of term, it is helpful if you arrive either fully vaccinated or ready to get your second shot right away.

International students

If you are an international student, you will also have access to UK vaccines, administered by our medical team free of charge. However if you can get an approved jab before you arrive, we strongly encourage you to do so. You need to pay close attention to the requirements of your country for safe travel to the UK and to Brunel. We will contact you via email soon to explain what you need to do. However please read the government guidance for your home country, read the guidance for UK students and keep an eye on our covid information for international students page. We will also be sending you information via email soon and will host a Q&A on the subject in mid August, so keep an eye on these pages and your inbox for details, so you can join the virtual sessions and get any burning questions answered.

Why you should get vaccinated

It protects you, other students, and staff
Getting vaccinated protects you and keeps our people safe. This is the most important reason to get vaccinated against covid.  We need to keep students and staff safe and some may be more vulnerable than others. You may also live in close quarters on halls of residence. 

It protects your university experience 
We have had to make significant changes to the campus experience and teaching delivery due to covid. That means many students have not had the traditional university experience that they would have expected and that generations of students before them have had. We feel this is a significant loss.

Due to the availability of vaccines and the subsequent reduction in covid cases and severity, we have been able to lessen restrictions across the UK and move to hybrid learning at Brunel. It's important to us that we are able to protect that so that we may interact with each other, hold events, make use of our spaces, and return vibrancy to our campus community.

Other efforts to protect you and our campus 

In addition to providing vaccination and encouraging uptake across our entire community, we have also created a guidance for keeping campus safe that outlines how all of us will be expected to behave when term starts. Please read it for information on what will be expected of all of us when the new academic year begins in September.