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Congratulations on securing your place at Brunel

We’re looking forward to meeting you - either in person or online - and introducing you to life at Brunel. To help us get started, we’ve put together a short activity and some further information to help you prepare for your course - including a snapshot of the topics you’ll cover and useful resources. If you have any questions please email cbass-tpo-gask@brunel.ac.uk.

Your pre-arrival activity

We’d like you to complete a short activity before you join us. We can discuss your answers in one of your first personal tutor sessions. Your work will not be officially assessed however it will allow your tutor to get to know you better.

Do you have an idea for a film or a TV series?

Tell us about your ideas. Write a brief proposal for an original film or tv series that you would like to make or work on. The normal length of a proposal abstract is 300 words. Can you fit your idea into 300 words or less and still make it exciting and compelling to the reader?

We also advise you to take a look at the information below. Completing wider reading and getting familar with what you'll be learning, will help prepare you for academic life at Brunel.

Sample lectures 

Alongside your reading you will be tasked with completing practical filmmaking exercises centred around specific briefs given to you in class.

Your practical exercises will be produced in your production groups outside of class time and will be screened for peer and tutor feedback each week; this process enables you to practice your skills, reflect on your practice, learn from your peers, and grow as a filmmaker.

Your assessments for this module are a portfolio of practical work, a critical analysis essay, and a short film produced in production groups.

Reading list 

Narrative Structures

David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson (2016) ‘Narrative as a Formal System’ (chapter3) in Film Art: An Introduction, 11th edition. McGraw Hill Companies, Inc.


Jennifer Van Sijll (2005) Cinematic Storytelling, the 100 most powerful film conventions every filmmaker must know, Michael Weise Productions


Weis, Elisabeth; Belton, John (1985) Film sound: theory and practice, Columbia University Press 

Editing Techniques

Karel Reisz & Gavin Millar (2010) The Technique of Film Editing, 2nd edition, Focal Press