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Congratulations on securing your place at Brunel

We’re looking forward to meeting you - either in person or online - and introducing you to life at Brunel. To help us get started, we’ve put together a short activity and some further information to help you prepare for your course - including a snapshot of the topics you’ll cover and useful resources. 

The below activity is for our undergraduate Mathematics programmes. If you are studying Foundation Economics and Mathematics (FoEaM) or Foundation of Mathematics and computing (FoMaC) you can find your pre-arrival activity here. If you have any questions please email olga.kaplunov@brunel.ac.uk.

Your pre-arrival activity 

We’d like you to complete a short activity before you join us. We can discuss your answers in one of your first personal tutor sessions. Your work will not be officially assessed however it will allow your tutor to get to know you better.

Before attempting the activity below it would be beneficial to brush up on your A-level maths skills via our ‘Get Maths Fit’ questions, this will help you to answer your pre-arrival activity.

Please click here to view your pre-arrival actvity. 

We also advise you to take a look at the information below. Completing wider reading and getting familar with what you'll be learning, will help prepare you for academic life at Brunel.

MATLAB and Octave

MATLAB is a programming language for mathematics that is able to plot functions and data, manipulate matrices, implement algorithms and various other things. It is a very powerful tool for mathematics and once you have registered on your course you will have access to it.

Octave is able to do much of what MATLAB can do and is available free. Dr Simon Shaw has produced a video introducing how Octave can be used to help answer your A-level Maths questions and much more.

Reading list 

  • James Stewart, “Calculus”, 8th edition (International Metric Version), Thomson Brooks/ Cole, 2016. The 6th and 7th editions of this book are equally suitable. 
  • Howard Anton and Chris Rorres, “Elementary Linear Algebra: With Supplemental Applications”, 11th edition, Wiley, 2015. The 8th, 9th and 10th editions of this book are equally suitable. 
  • Dennis D. Wackerly, William Mendenhall, Richard L. Scheaffer, “Mathematical Statistics with Applications”, 7th Edition, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2008.
  • Brian D. Hahn, Daniel T. Valentine, “Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists”, 6th Edition, Academic Press, 2017. The 3rd, 4th and 5th editions of this book are all suitable. This will be available as an e-book at Brunel library once you are a registered student. 
  • Kenneth Rosen, “Discrete Mathematics and its Applications”, 8th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2019. The 6th and 7th editions of this book are equally suitable.