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Congratulations on securing your place at Brunel

We’re looking forward to meeting you - either in person or online - and introducing you to life at Brunel. To help us get started, we’ve put together a short activity and some further information to help you prepare for your course - including a snapshot of the topics you’ll cover and useful resources. If you have any questions please email cbass-tpo-gask@brunel.ac.uk.

Your pre-arrival activity

We’d like you to complete a short activity before you join us. We can discuss your answers in one of your first personal tutor sessions. Your work will not be officially assessed however it will allow your tutor to get to know you better.

Find an article in the British news that discusses topics related to university life, such as protest rallies, the cost of student fees or the student experience. Think about what this article tells you about the media’s portrayal of universities.

We also advise you to take a look at the information below. Completing wider reading and getting familar with what you'll be learning, will help prepare you for academic life at Brunel.

Sample lecture topics

As you progress through your degree, these are the types of questions you’ll be able to answer with confidence:

1. What is a social structure, and why is this concept important for sociologists?

2. To what extent is social class still a useful way to classify people?

3. How have changes in the welfare state impacted on poverty?

4. How have feminist scholars defined gender relations in society?

5. What is the difference between race and ethnicity?

6. How are new social and political movements related to globalisation?

7. To what extent have the global risks people face changed from 1945 until today?

Reading list 

  • Giddens, A. and Sutton, P. (2017) Sociology, eighth edition, Polity. 
  • Cohen, R. and Kennedy, P. (2013) Global Sociology, third edition, Palgrave.
  • Fulcher, J. and John Scott, J. (2011) Sociology, fourth edition, Oxford University Press. 
  • Macionis, J.J. and Plummer, K. (2012) Sociology: A Global Introduction, fifth edition.