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Connecting digitally

All students can access free Brunel Wifi across campus, download Microsoft Office software for free, and use the PCs provided.

Set up your devices

Once you have completed your registration, you’ll be given a Brunel Network Account consisting of a username and password.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Obtain a Brunel Network Account

In your eVision, under the “my Checklist” tab, select “My Brunel Network account”, your username will be your student number and you will be asked to create your password - please keep it safe! If you are having issues,  contact Computing Support at computing-support@brunel.ac.uk

2. Register your devices on our Connect portal before you arrive on campus to get access to Brunel WIFI. If your device has no mobile data/internet, you can log in to Wifi@Brunel with your username and password for limited access to the Connect Portal. After registering the device, sign out and sign back into WiFi@Brunel. All devices must have a MAC address registered.

Laptop loan scheme

If you aren’t bringing your own laptop to university, we have desktop computers available all over campus. We also offer a laptop loan scheme where you can borrow a refurbished laptop throughout your studies. More information can be found on the Using Our Computers page on the student intranet

Online Learning Tools

We have free online tools that you’ll be using during your teaching this year. Blackboard Learn is our virtual learning environment. You’ll find all your modules, including lecture slides and discussion boards. You’ll also be able to submit coursework and access your timetable. Zoom and Microsoft Teams will be available for video calls and messaging with lecturers, friends and study groups. You’ll find out more about using these tools during Welcome Week.