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READY Programme

Develop your skills, innovate and create with our READY Programme

The READY Programme is a ten-week employability course exclusively for new students

Reach Every Ambition by Developing Yourself

The READY Programme is an employability course designed exclusively for new students starting their journey at Brunel. Applications will open in August 2021.

Organised by the Professional Development Centre, the programme provides you with the opportunity to develop and learn various skills that will benefit your future career path. You will work in teams to explore innovative ideas and create solutions to benefit a refugee community.

The programme focuses on the United Nations Development Programme's work in a refugee camp in Zambia. The camp is home to over 18,000 refugees who have fled the Angolan and Rwandan wars between 1966 and 2002. The challenge is to innovate for global development and each team will design a product (good and/or service) aimed at solving real life problems faced by the resettlers in the Zambian refugee camp.  It is an extra-curricular course which is completed outside of your degree and the sessions will run over ten weeks during Term 1.

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READY_programme-01_8714 350
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Hear about the programme from our students


 Make new friends and stand out from the crowd

Enhance your CV with transferable skills and build contacts while making a real difference! 

The programme is all about boosting your employability in these approaches:

  • Knowledge - employers are increasingly looking for candidates who have skills beyond their degrees
  • Skills and approach -  the ideal candidate for graduate roles is well-rounded and can work as part of a team.
  • Attitude - employers value confidence, good analytical and communication skills, as well as sound commercial awareness.

The READY programme is a Brunel+Award accredited activity. The Brunel+Award is designed to give you recognition for the non-academic activites you take part in during your time at Brunel. In addition to the invaluable new skills and personal growth that they provide, these activities show employers that you can demonstrate skills beyound your degree such as team work, communication and presenting.

By singing up to the programme you can earn a maximum of 230 Brunel+ points towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold award at the end of the academic year. You can activiate your Brunel+ profile using your network username and password and add the points you earn across each term.

 The READY programme runs online for ten weeks from October - December 2021

This is a versatile programme with engineering, health, culture, economics and finance as its components. On the READY programme you will explore issues such as poverty and environmental sustainability, which in turn are affected by international, socio-economic, political and technical forces.

Throughout the programme, you will explore these complexities via the design of creative solutions. Using the Zambian design brief, developed by UNHCR, the programme will: 

  1. Look at problems in developing countries
  2. Use various methods to analyse these complexities
  3. Brainstorm a particular solution
  4. Evaluate how the solution can be designed to suit the local community
  5. Assess various methods to design the solution
  6. Create the actual product
  7. Ensure sustainability of the project
  8. Clarify the implementation
  9. Present solution to employers / professionals and peers
  10. The winning solution/design will be celebrated at the final session held in December 2021
  • You’ll take part in ten sessions which run from 5 to 7pm every Tuesday, starting on 5 October and ending on 7 December 2021.  All sessions will take place on campus.
  • The programme will run for ten consecutive weeks, with no break during Reading Week.
  • Your project will be entered into a competition. The best solution will win first prize.
  • You will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the programme as well as Brunel+ points and credit on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) transcript.

If you have any questions about the programme please email ready@brunel.ac.uk.