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Office for Students (OfS) Postgraduate Survey

The Office for Students (OfS), is the independent regulator for higher education in England, dedicated to ensuring a high quality experience for all students on all courses. 

They are running a new pilot survey that allows taught postgraduate students to share their experience of their course.

As part of this work it is keen to know what current students think about their experience of their course and so have developed a new survey – specifically for taught postgraduate students – that they would like to invite you to test for them. The survey questions seek your feedback on various aspects of your experience such as teaching, academic support, assessment, wellbeing, value for money and more.

Why should I take part?

By taking part in this research, you will help the OfS to understand what is most important to you about your course - and if they are asking you the right questions. This will enable them to develop an effective approach for collecting feedback from future postgraduate students and help their understanding about the quality of taught postgraduate courses in England.

Many changes have been made on a University-wide level and in departments in response to student feedback over the years, have a look at them here.

If you do not want to take part in this research survey it would be really useful if you would tell the OfS why by answering one question here.

To find out more about the OfS, please visit: www.officeforstudents.org.uk/about

The survey is open until Friday 16 August. Don’t miss this chance to have your voice heard!

Privacy information

Participation in the OfS postgraduate survey is voluntary and is strictly an anonymous exercise. Your university or college will only see data about their students’ responses, providing an overall picture of student satisfaction. Data will only be shared with them if there is a sufficient number of responses to ensure that no student can be personally identified. Your individual response will not be shared.

 Your personal information will only be used to support our research, to understand more about how different types of students respond to the survey. This will help us to ensure that the questions in the survey are applicable and understandable by all and to explore whether taught postgraduate students from all backgrounds and on all types of courses are receiving a positive experience of higher education. To do this we may link to other data sources, such as the annual student returns submitted by your university or college.

 The legal basis for processing your personal information is to enable us to carry out a public task. In the case of special category data (such as ethnicity and disability), processing is necessary for scientific or historical research purposes, and archiving in the public interest.

 The Data Controller of the personal information you submit will be the Office for Students. The Data Processor (responsible for the collection and safe-housing of your data) will be IFF Research.

 All personal data is subject to GDPR regulations and will be stored on secure servers in the UK. Your personal data will not be shared routinely with any other organisation. IFF Research will retain the data for 90 days after the end of the survey period (16th August 2019), after which it will be confidentially and securely disposed of. The OfS will retain your name and date of birth for 12 months after the end of the survey period (16th August), after which they will be securely deleted. The remaining data will be retained indefinitely for research purposes, subject to a review every 10 years.

 For more detailed information including your rights under GDPR, please refer to the detailed Data Privacy Notice available here. If you have any queries or concerns about the use of your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer: dp@officeforstudents.org.uk