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Arts and Humanities

  • Five new lecturers this year
  • More career events with industry speakers
  • New marking guidelines to speed up feedback

Biomedical Science

  • Eight more lecturers within two years
  • £100,000 invested in lab upgrades and equipment
  • Online calendar showing assessment and feedback deadlines

Brunel Business School

  • New team dedicated to improve student support
  • New peer-assisted learning scheme for Brunel Pathway College students
  • More industry guests through ‘Executive Speakers’ series
  • New specialist placements director to improve student employability

Brunel Law School

  • New staggered coursework deadlines
  • New Student Assessment Guide to clarify marking criteria
  • Introduced talk to support students in their final year

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Individual support sessions for SAP2000 and Abaqus software
  • Online calendar showing assignment deadlines
  • Better paced lectures for Level 1 students and tutorial sheets to support Level 2 students

Computer Science

  • Out-of-hours access to Michael Sterling atrium
  • Larger choice of optional modules in final year
  • Laboratory sessions extended for Level 1 database programming module


  • Undergraduate assignments reduced by 10% to help reduce workload

Economics and Finance 

  • New Stats Café to support Level 1 students
  • Improved induction for students at all levels
  • New ‘Meet the tutors’ sessions to support students with dissertation submissions


Education BA programme

  • More co-curricular trips for all year groups
  • Increased use of group work and collaborative activities
  • Preparatory readings published in advance of teaching sessions

Education PGCE Primary ITE

  • Reduced student teacher workload and more peer-to-peer support
  • New weekly updates from Programme Leader and interactive staff/student forum on BBL
  • New teaching group representatives and tutorial slots for one-to-one support

Education PGCE Secondary ITE

  • Streamlined our school experience guidance
  • Weekly bulletins for students on school experiences
  • Increased assessment guidance workshops from the ASK team for all students

Education MA Programme

  • Student representatives involved in design of new MA programme and assessments
  • More peer discussion and group work in taught sessions
  • More co-curricular talks, workshops and one-to-one support for students

Education Postgraduate Research

  • New student-led research seminar series to help with presentation skills
  • Positive feedback shared to guide supervisors
  • New group tutorials held to identify support needs

Electronic and Computer Engineering

  • New Academic Skills session on managing group dynamics and deadlines
  • Digital Media Society networking events and digital media exhibition access for Level 1 students
  • Support for new Brunel Robotic Engineering Society


  • Access to three additional seminar rooms and computer equipment
  • Coursework and feedback deadlines published at the start of the year
  • New student mentoring scheme for Level 1 students

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • New training module on CAD software
  • Assessments reduced and spread out over the year to help Level 3 and 5 students
  • New Student Experience Committee area on BBL to improve communication

Occupational Therapy

  • Four new lecturers in the past year
  • More hands-on sessions with external practitioners
  • Study and assessment block timetables available on BBL


  • New WiseFLOW platform for faster and better feedback
  • More placement opportunities and new placement coordinator appointed
  • ‘No teaching Wednesdays’ for students to focus on other activities


  • Twelve new academics in two years
  • Online calendar showing assessment and feedback deadlines
  • More meetings between programme leads and students

Social and Political Sciences

  • Advanced Research Award to fund Level 3 student dissertations
  • New Social Media Internships to support employability
  • More library resources and student trips
  • Expanded curriculum to include new modules

Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences

  • Three new sport psychology labs
  • More speakers from industry and alumni network
  • Online calendar showing assessment and feedback deadlines