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Careers and your future in Mathematics

Brunel’s maths courses have been highlighted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies as making a significant positive difference to graduates' earning prospects.

They are listed as 7th out of all maths offerings in the country for boosting salaries, with a more than £10,000 earnings premium for both men and women.

When you study Mathematics at Brunel you’ll gain a wealth of mathematical knowledge and understanding that you can then apply to the world around you. This could be in science, technology, business or wherever your individual interests lie.

There is massive demand for mathematically trained graduates with an awareness of markets and their workings. You could gain a year’s paid work experience by choosing the placement year option. Our placement team has strong connections with industry and students have completed their placements at top UK companies such as Accenture, AXA Insurance, Bosch, Disney, GSK, Microsoft, the NHS, Unilever and Xerox.

To help you get ready for work, we run popular employability skills workshops for all students. Our graduates have gone on to careers with Accenture, Bank of New York, BAE Systems, the BBC, BT, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte and Touche, Ernst and Young, HSBC, IBM, Kodak, Lloyds, Merrill Lynch, Nortel, PwC, Santander, Xerox and Virgin Trains.