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Computational and Applied Mathematics Group

The Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) group takes problems of real biological or engineering importance and investigate the underlying mathematical and phenomenological processes. There is strong emphasis on the development of innovative analytic, asymptotic, computational and hybrid methods.

The diverse applications considered by the group include problems from acoustics, elastic and electromagnetic wave propagation, the modelling of visco-elastic solids (such as polymers and biotissue) and of fracture, damage and fatigue in solids. Another focus is the theory of finite and boundary element methods and their applications to problems involving differential, integral and integro-differential equations. This includes error analysis and the development of both robust algorithms and specialised software for problems in solid mechanics. The members of the university research centre BICOM sit within CAM. BICOM is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for finite element research and organises the triennial Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications  conferences.