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Employability Conference

The Department of Mathematics holds an annual three day Employability Conference to help its students prepare for placements and employment.

The Conference covers many aspects of employability from interview techniques and application forms to hearing about the experiences of Alumni.

In addition, there are a number university-wide careers and work placement events run by the Brunel Professional Development Centre.

Day one: Skills workshop

Getting you ‘ready for work’ alongside your qualification starts as soon as your begin your study. Being ready for work isn’t just about the skills you need on the job, but also the skills you need to get the job. Interview processes and applications can be extremely daunting at first glance, and that’s why we make every effort to coach and mentor you from choosing a placement that is right for you to filling out an application form and perfecting your interview skills.

The Level 1 Maths Employability Conference is a day dedicated to the intricacies of covering letters, CVs and learning how to truly sell yourself.

Day two: Assessment Day

The main purpose of the day is to give our students an insight into what they can expect at an assessment centre and interview. The day simulates the assessment centre environment where students are given various activities to complete e.g. group activities, psychometric tests, etc.

Take a look at our Assessment Day slideshow:

  • Maths employability-01

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-01

  • Maths employability-02

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-02

  • Maths employability-03

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-03

  • Maths employability-04

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-04

  • Maths employability-05

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-05

  • Maths employability-07

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-07

  • Maths employability-08

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-08

  • Maths employability-09

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-09

  • Maths employability-09 (1)

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-09 (1)

  • Maths employability-10

    Assessment Day 2017

    Maths employability-10

Day three: Careers Day 

As part of Brunel’s focus on ensuring students are ready for work, having the opportunity to hear the experiences of past students and those from industry is integral as students consider work placements and their future career path. 

Level 2 Maths students are invited to meet Brunel alumni who used their Maths degree to enter a variety of fields and exciting job roles, from Data Analyst and Software Developer to Teacher. 

All alumni agreed that work placements were invaluable experience, and Brunel provides the necessary guidance and opportunities to get you to where you want to be, provided you prepare well and work hard. It's very rewarding to see the range of job roles and organisations that our alumni are working in:

  • Risk Data Analyst -  Santander UK
  • Graduate Software Developer - BNP Paribas
  • Marketing Analyst - RAPP UK
  • Actuarial Graduate Trainee - Aviva Insurance
  • Consultant - FDM
  • Futures and Options Analyst - Bloomberg
  • Secondary School Mathematics Teacher - Park High School


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