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Team Principal - Alex Slimm 

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Powertrain - Georgina Contreras Keenan

Georgina Contreras-Keenan is currently in her third year studying Mechanical Engineering. She joined in 2017 as a volunteer, helping to build the car. This year Georgina was appointed as Powertrain Manager for BR-21 and her main aims will be implementing dual-stage injection as well as calibrating the team's Yahama R6 engine to optimise the performance of BR-21's powertrain.

After her degree, Georgina would be looking for a career in the automotive industry with a focus of optimising engines

Electrical Manager - Chris Hammond

From: Canterbury, Kent

Course: Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng

Level: 3

Chris joined Brunel Racing in 2017, as a level 2 student, with BR19, and was immediately appointed Electrical Manager. Throughout the year Chris' focus was on expanding the array of sensors on the car to allow for more thorough data collection.

In the academic year 2018/2019 Chris completed a 12 month placement at Delphi Technologies, with his main focus being on optimising and automating manual test procedures for Engine Control Units. Chris expanded his practical understanding and experience with both hardware and firmware, and has gained a wealth of knowledge pertaining to business in engineering.

In 2019/2020, with BR21, Chris will again be filling the role of Electrical Manager. He will be focussing his time on developing the control systems of the car, building a new wiring loom, and aiding other engineers by providing power to their designs.

In his spare time Chris enjoys travelling, woodworking, designing electronic systems, and working on his own car.

Chassis - Jake Haley 

Jake is currently a third-year automotive engineering student working towards an MEng. Last year, he spent a year in industry working for AP Racing within the road brakes department.

This is his first-year taking part in formula student where he has been appointed chassis manager. He is looking to refine the design of last year's chassis along with improving the packaging of components.

In his spare time, Jake enjoys playing a variety of video games such as counter strike where he has accumulated an impressive 2,500 hours on the game. A passion for cars has also led to him owning 4 vehicles in the past 3 years, 2 of which definitely didn’t have head gasket problems....

Aerospace - Catarina Baldaia

I'm studying Aerospace Engineering Currently 3rd year. I'm Aerodynamics Manager this year. After university want to work within the Space Industry. 

Marketing and Media - Sara El-Engibawy 

 *Bio coming soon*

Finance and Operations - Zaki Syed 

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Unsprung - Lorenzo Manni 

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Business Partnership - Ben Berrill

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Driver Manager / Design & Manufacturing Manager - Harrison 'Harry' Weeks

Harry joined Brunel in 2017 as a Foundation Engineering student, and first got involved with the team last year designing the Sidepods for BR-XX and accompanying the team to competition. 

This year Harry has taken on the role of Design & Manufacturing Manager as well as Driver Manager. He'll be ensuring the newly designed components are manufacturable before FS 2020 and putting together a team of drivers. 

When he graduates, Harry really wants to work within a Formula 1 team, progressing into a trackside role. In his spare time he enjoys karting with the Motorsport Society and cycling.