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Welcome to Music

"NSS results show Music at Brunel as the 2nd best university in the country for overall satisfaction in Music."

Welcome to Music at Brunel, part of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and supervision at MPhil and PhD levels.

What is your creative voice?  What are your future goals? We live in a world rich in music of every kind. What is your music? What do imagine your role to be in the music of the future? Performer, creator, producer, technologist, writer, music business entrepreneur? How will you understand the musics of the world and find your own place?

Join us at Brunel and work closely with practising artists and fellow students to emerge skilled and ready for the professional world. Leave with a strong sense of your purpose and strengths. You might express your creativity through composing, playing and collaborating in a folk band, as a song-writer, a conductor, designing music technology, writing about music as a journalist, or being a 'creative producer', managing and delivering a large production. With us you will learn to 'make-music', developing your skills, confidence, experience and, based at Brunel in London, through the tutors, gain access to national and international influences and networks.

Exceptional staff

Staff include some of the leading figures in European contemporary music: composers Christopher Fox, Jennifer Walshe, Colin Riley and John Croft, ensemble music innovator and improvisation leader Peter Wiegold, musicologist electronic music experimentalist Carl Faia, Nick Attfield, jazz musician Frank Griffith.

Flexible, original courses

Whether you are interested in performance, composition, writing about music, or using new technologies, Brunel offers a programme which will provide you with both the necessary professional skills and a rigorous academic grounding. Our degrees begin from a core of essential knowledge and skills, and progress to increasing specialisation in your chosen area. Along the way you can choose options in topics such as popular music, music perception, conducting, orchestration, and improvisation. All programmes also allow you to undertake a practical or written special project of your own choosing at Level 3, with individual supervision.

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