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Brunel MAFELAP 2016

Campus - Bannerman resized
Invited speakers: •Mark Ainsworth, Brown University, USA •Doug Arnold, University of Minnesota, USA (Babuska Lecture) •Ferdinando Auricchio, University of Pavia, Italy •Jim Belak, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA •Jan Hesthaven, EPFL, Switzerland •J. Tinsley Oden, ICES, University of Texas, USA (Oden Lecture) •Jaime Peraire, MIT, USA •Spencer Sherwin, Imperial College London, UK •Rade Vignjevic, Brunel University London, UK (Zienkiewicz Lecture) •Barbara Wohlmuth, Technical University of Munich, Germany

The internationally recognized MAFELAP conferences have been run by BICOM at Brunel University at three year intervals since 1972. In these conferences exposure is given to research on the theory and practical application of finite element methods.

The fifteenth conference on the Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications will be held at Brunel and run during 14 - 17 June, 2016.  

Click http://people.brunel.ac.uk/~icsrsss/bicom/mafelap2016 to access the conference web site.