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Ig Nobel Eurotour

Ig Noble Owl
  • You can diagnose acute appendicitis by driving over speed bumps
  • People who stay up late are more likely to be psychopaths 
  • Most mammals take an average of 21 seconds to urinate, regardless of size

The hugely popular Ig Nobel awards make their triumphant return to Brunel University London for an evening of science that makes you laugh, then makes you think. Hosted by founder Marc Abrahams, the show features an array of distinguished academics talking about some of the best in improbable research. 

Each speaker has just ten minutes to explain their research, with the audience actively encouraged to bring them to a close when their time is up. 



Helen Ashdown and colleagues (Ig Nobel winner — acute appendicitis can be accurately diagnosed by driving the patient over speed bumps)

Gavin Pretor-Pinney (founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society)

Minna Lyons (Ig Nobel winner — night owls tend to be more psychopathic than early risers)

Andrew J.T. George (the bad poetry of William Topaz McGonagall)

David Hu (Ig Nobel winner — most mammals urinate, on average, in 21 seconds)