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Comedy, Populism and Donald Trump

The Centre for Comedy Studies Research (CCSR) and the Magna Carta Institute (MCI) present Comedy, Populism and Donald Trump.

The Comedy, Populism and Donald Trump panel discussion will examine the roles of comedians and comic discourses in shaping responses to Trump's election campaign and first months in office; the potential of satire to fuel, reinforce or critique the populist appeal of Trump; if political comedy on Trump makes US politics more inclusive or exclusive; if political comedy on Trump encourages engagement or disengagement with US politics; how humour and ridicule are used by Trump to attack opponents.   Confirmed speakers include:   Andy Hamilton:  Comedian, comedy screenwriter, television director and producer. He is a familiar face on BBC comedy panel shows and was one of the comedy creators of Ballot Monkeys (Channel 4) shown in the run-up to the 2015 General Election. He was the co-creator and co-writer of Power Monkeys (Channel 4), a political comedy series broadcast in the run-up to, and immediately after, the 2016 UK EU membership referendum and also satirised the then ongoing 2016 United States Presidential election campaign. He has also written for The Guardian on Donald Trump, Brexit, fake news and fantasists.

Jeffrey Karp:  Professor in the Division of Politics and History at Brunel University London. Jeffery specialises in research on public opinion, elections and political behaviour.  He has worked on eleven externally-funded projects and from 2008-2012 was the Director of the Centre for Elections, Media and Political Parties (CEMaP) at the University of Exeter.

Howard Jacobson:  Novelist, journalist and broadcaster. He is recognised for writing comic novels and has won the Man Booker Prize. He is known for his novels and The Finkler Question. He writes for The Guardian and The Independent newspapers, and regularly appears on radio and television. He has recently written a satirical novel about Donald Trump's presidency called Pussy: A Novel.

Sophie Quirk: Lecturer in Drama and Theatre at the University of Kent. Sophie teaches popular and comic performance. She is the author of Why Stand-up Matters: How Comedians Manipulate and Influence (2015). The book explores the social and political influence of contemporary British stand-up comedy.    Chaired by Justin Fisher: Head of Department of Social and Political Sciences, and Professor of Political Science, Brunel University London.

Everyone very welcome.

Please email Simon.Weaver@brunel.ac.uk to reserve your place.

​This event is part of Parliament Week 13th-19th November 2017 #UKPW17

Please email Simon.Weaver@brunel.ac.uk to reserve your place.