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Social Work in the 21st Century : Lyn Romeo

Social work is about human rights, hope and change - hope for a better life, social justice and inclusive citizenship, including a good end for people facing end of life. Empowering individuals, families and communities to use their strengths to bring about positive change is a key part of social work. In a world that is uncertain and changing social work’s unique contribution to making the world a better place is needed now more than ever.

Lyn Romeo took up her post as Chief Social Worker for Adults in September 2013.

Previously, Lyn worked as the Assistant Director for Adult Social Care in the London Borough of Camden. She has also worked as an inspector with the Social Services Inspectorate, as well as working in Yorkshire for over 20 years as both a field social worker and in a variety of management roles across children and adults.

Join our next social work seminar series with Lyn Romeo, Cheif Social Worker for Adults.