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Economic evaluation in healthcare

Three day course run by Health Economics Theme (HERG) in Brunel University London

This three day course provides an in-depth introduction to methods, techniques and use of economic evaluation in health care for those with no, or little, previous training in health economics. It draws on the extensive experience of the Health Economics Research Group and the teaching combines formal presentations, group work on case studies and opportunities for one-to-one discussions with the faculty. Early booking is advised and rewarded! 

Why should you attend?

There is an increasing need for a wide range of professionals in the health care field to have a firm understanding of economic evaluation methods.

  • Health care commissioners and purchasers including PCTs need to interpret economic data to assess the relative cost-effectiveness of programmes and interventions.
  • Health care providers at all levels need to take account of cost-effectiveness in the delivery of health care.
  • Clinical and health service researchers are increasingly required to build economic evaluations into their studies.
  • NICE, and similar bodies in other countries, require evidence on cost-effectiveness and use it to inform their recommendations.
  • The pharmaceutical and devices industries need to be able to provide evidence on the cost-effectiveness of their technologies.

This three-day course run by the Health Economics Research Group (HERG) of Brunel University addresses the needs created in all such contexts.

Who should attend?

Although the course focuses on the UK situation and the requirements of NICE, it has proved relevant and accessible to non-UK participants.  Participants on the course require no prior training in health economics. The course covers material of an introductory and intermediate level and provides the foundation for, and references to, more advanced materials and techniques. Potential participants who have previous training, or substantial experience, in this area are advised to contact HERG prior to registering, to discuss the appropriateness of the course content to their ongoing needs.

Find out more

Please view full details of the course here. If you would like to attend the course please download the registration form and send it back to HERG Admin by email to herg-admin@brunel.ac.uk 

If you would like to discuss the suitability of this course for yourself or for colleagues, please contact: Dr Subhash Pokhrel (Subhash.Pokhrel@brunel.ac.uk) . For registration queries, please contact HERG Admin (herg-admin@brunel.ac.uk)