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Public Engagement: Who are our 'publics' and how, when and why do we engage with them?

Public engagement is a vital component of the research process. It enriches the questions we ask, ensures rigour in research design, implementation and analysis, and commits researchers to establishing high quality academic, societal and economic impact. It is a prominent feature of researchers' career and professional development. Researchers who embed public engagement activities into their work enhance their communication skills, raise the quality and relevance of their work and that of their institutions, and grow the potential to forge collaborative partnerships and develop new perspectives on addressing major societal challenges.


Public engagement is diverse and complex. The aim of this seminar series is to recognise university sector developments in public engagement, highlight excellence in public engagement and emphasise future high quality public engagement though critical dialogue focusing on three overlapping questions; (1) who our publics? (2) how, when and why can we engage with our publics? and (3) what are the promises and perils of public engagement work?


Seminar 1 will focus on the significance of public engagement and map out the public engagement landscape in the UK and from a global perspective.