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Research Institutes Annual Conference

The Research Institutes are holding their 4th annual research conference on 27th June. This year you will hear presentations from Institute members on a selection of their successful inter and multidisciplinary projects. 

This is an opportunity to share research progress and discuss ideas with colleagues and will be both stimulating and thought-provoking for all delegates.

8.30 – 9.00



9.00 – 9.15

Professor   Julia Buckingham

Vice-Chancellor’s   opening address & Award Ceremony                                                                           


9.15 – 9.30

ETC – Dr Lesley Hanna



9.30 – 10.30

   Session   1 – Chair: Prof Susan Jobling

1.  Exploring built environment challenges   within large cities in the UK and Australia – Prof Maria Kolokotroni

2.  Bio-augmented concrete and beyond – Prof Nigel Saunders

3.  Multi-disciplinary perspectives on ageing   well – Prof Christina Victor

4.  Developing multidisciplinary and   cross-sector evidence reviews: reflections on the What Works Wellbeing in   Culture and Sport programme – Prof   Louise Mansfield






10.30 – 10.45



10.45 – 12.00

Session   2 – Chair: Prof Hua Zhao

  1.   Analysis   of the impact of exhaust valve profile on the scavenging and combustion   process in a 2-stroke boosted uniflow scavenged gasoline engine – Dr Xinyan Wang
  2. Low carbon technology: the   effective use of ethanol for cleaner diesel engines – Dr Vinicius Pedrozo
  3. Multiscale Multiphysics modelling   and simulation with the application to precision manufacturing of aerofoil   structures and components – Prof Kai   Cheng
  4. Design for invention computer tool   – avoiding the lawyers, stimulating the designers – Prof Mark Atherton
  5. Energy performance enhancement of   c-Si solar cell with down-converting photoluminescence phosphors – Dr Fanchao Meng



12.00 – 12.15

Future Leaders   Fellowships scheme and other funding opportunities – Dr Rachel Burch (RSDO)


12.15 – 1.15

Lunch &   Networking


1.15 – 1.30

Professor   Geoff Rodgers

Deputy   Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)


1.30 – 2.45

Session   3 – Chair: Prof Savvas Tassou

1.  Non-invasive technique for determining local   pulse wave velocity in humans ascending aorta – Dr Madalina Negoita

2.  Data analytics tools for structural health   monitoring: an example on corrosion data analysis in buried pipelines – Dr Keming Yu

3.  Basalt fibre reinforced HDPE for wave energy   converters – Dr James Campbell

4.    Autonomous solar PV/wind/regenerative hydrogen fuel cell energy   storage system for single tenant cell tower – Dr Gerard Jansen

5.  Internet of   radio-light high performance communications for buildings –Prof John Cosmas


2.45 – 3.45

Networking,   poster and theme stands