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Comedy and the Classroom: You must be joking?

The Comedy and the Classroom: You Must Be Joking? panel seminar will address the following questions: What are the roles of comedy in shaping teaching strategies and practice?; Does comedy make teaching and the student experience more inclusive/exclusive?; Does comedy facilitate student engagement or disengagement, and impact the student experience?; How successful can educators be with comedy and what are the limits of comedy in teaching and the student experience?; and What skills do comedians bring into the classroom? 

These questions, and more, will be hotly debated by a panel of experts. Confirmed speakers include: 

Hannah Ballou: is a comedian, performance artist, researcher and lecturer at Kingston University London. Hannah’s live art practice mixes neo-burlesque and stand-up comedy with audience participation. 

Martin Billingham: is a stand-up comedian, educator and academic with specialist interests in the interrelationship between education and stand-up comedy.

Lee Campbell: an artist and lecturer at the University of Arts London with research interests in critical performative pedagogies.

Fintan Clear: a senior lecturer in Brunel’s Business School with research expertise in the role of ‘theatric methods’ in animating learning.

Shazia Mirza: is an award winning international stand-up comedian, actress and writer, and was previously a secondary school teacher.

Chaired by Anne Chappell, Divisional Lead, Department of Education, Brunel University London.


**We're delighted to feature as part of the Learning and Teaching Symposium this year**