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Nasa's Apollo Moon Programme: How we made it happen - Dr. David Baker


​Brunel Robotics are excited to host Dr. David  Baker at Brunel University London to discuss his first-hand experience of the Apollo missions.

David was part of the team that sent astronauts to the Moon and relives his experience to tell the story of how that colossal programme came about, the challenges it faced and the solutions found. Fifty years ago, the dream was realised, and the first of six expeditions to the surface of the Moon was accomplished - on the first attempt.

How did the design of the Saturn rockets and the spacecraft themselves come about, what design options were compromised, and how was it possible to accomplish so much in such a short space of time?

In a talk embracing the engineering culture of the age, the people who made it possible and the lessons learned (along the way and after), David discusses the ways engineers expanded hardware capability, a programme David worked on to extend the time on the surface and how to carry a Lunar Roving Vehicle on each of the last three flights.

Join us on Wednesday the 16th of October in the Eastern Gateway Auditorium (ESGW) for the talk and Q&A. All welcome. Make sure to get your tickets on Eventbrite.

Free tea and coffee provided.