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Ugandan Food Insecurity - Global Challenges Visiting Expert Seminar Series


With increasing levels of Food Insecurity in Uganda, one of the ways to mitigate the situation is by developing circular bio-economic approaches and creating more sustainable food systems. These aspirations are expected to assure the provision of nutritious and healthy food that meets the needs of vulnerable populations in terms of quantity, quality, affordability, safety and cultural acceptability.

Over the years, Mountains of the Moon University has contributed to SDGs (2 & 12) that target improved food and nutrition security, and ultimately impacting the health of citizens. Based on action research and targeted development activities, MMU works with 57 farming communities as well as 12 value chain actors in the Rwenzori Region to improve the food situation. Current national statistics indicate that Rwenzori Region has high rates of malnutrition, measured by stunting in children (i.e. 40% of children are stunted). This situation points to the chronic deprivation of necessary foods to vulnerable groups of people in the region, which further justifies the timeliness and relevance of the food loss interventions MMU execute.

The University targets enhanced food and nutrition security by empowering family farmers in Rwenzori Region to be able to reduce avoidable food losses and improve production efficiency. There are two anchors for the intervention (a) Increasing awareness about causes, impact and measurement of food losses among family farmers in their systems of production and (b) systematic identification and promotion of appropriate and pro-poor technologies of food storage. 

About the speaker: Professor Edmond Kagambe is the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Mountains of the Moon University in Uganda. He has over 29 years of experience in community engagement for action research, Educational Administration, Planning and Policy Studies. He worked as lecturer in Nairobi University and Moi University, Kenya in the Faculties of Education.