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Applying for Techne Doctoral Funding Award

Who should attend the TECHNE2 webinar?

This webinar is for applicants intending to apply for this year's round of doctoral funding from TECHNE2: Arts and Humanities Research Council

You should already be in contact with potential supervisors for your proposed research project, but this talk will go through some of the key sections of the application form, analysing what makes a strong submission to Techne. 

Why should I attend the TECHNE2 webinar?

Techne is very competitive and the funded applications meet a high standard of clarity, synthesis and originality. If you are applying for TECHNE2 funding, this webinar will show you how to achieve that level, and will serve as an important staging post in the development of your research proposal. 

More about TECHNE2

TECHNE2 awards support outstanding students pursuing the 'craft' of research through innovative, interdisciplinary approaches with an emphasis on creativity and practice.

As part of the TECHNE Doctoral Training Programme consortium, Brunel University London supports studentships for high-achieving arts and humanities scholars. Read about TECHNE2 here.

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