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Consumer Rights, Scams and Coronavirus

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At difficult times, countries pull together. Or so you would think. This webinar explores the darker side of our national emergency. It explores how scammers and unscrupulous retailers are exploiting the crisis. Boxes of eggs at £9.99 in the corner shop, pasta on Amazon for £25 a packet, fake vaccines sold on the doorstep... We explain the practices, how to spot and avoid them. We also look at the work that consumer associations and enforcers are doing to protect the public and reflect on the role of consumer law to protect the vulnerable at this difficult time.

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Dr Christine Riefa is a leading expert in Consumer Law. Christine is widely published in this area. Her latest books include Vulnerable Consumers and the Law: Consumer Protection and Access to Justice (co-edited with S Saintier, Routledge 2020, forthcoming); Consumer Theories of Harm - An economic approach to consumer law enforcement and policy making (co-authored with P Siciliani and H Gamper, Hart 2019), Consumer Protection and Online Auction Platforms - towards a safer legal framework (Routledge 2015). She is currently working on her next monograph for Cambridge University Press on Consumer Protection and Global E-commerce. Christine has acted as a consultant in a number of projects on various aspects of electronic commerce, new technologies and consumer law enforcement, for Consumers International, UNCTAD, BEUC, the European Commission and Parliament, and national governments and industry. She currently is a Member of two Working Groups on Consumer Protection and Electronic Commerce (unfair commercial practices and cross-border enforcement) as part of UNCTAD Inter-Governmental Group of Experts. She is an elected board member of the International Association of Consumer Law (www.iaclaw.org) and one of the co-founding editors of the Journal of European Consumer and Market Law (EuCML), a peer-reviewed Journal, published by Beck and available on Kluwer Online.​