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Taking Up Space


Taking Up Space: Dismantling Hegemonies in UK Higher Education

UK universities are founded on and continue to centre white, classist, ableist, patriarchal and heteronormative spaces, institutions and narratives. Despite the growing trend to promote diversity, inequalities remain deeply entrenched in the structure and operation of higher education. It is a timely reminder to our sector, and to our academic community, that branding ourselves as ‘diverse’ does not absolve academic institutions from the inequalities they perpetuate and does not protect our peoples from the visible and invisible marginalisations they experience.

This half-day symposium wrestles with the urgent questions pertaining to the dismantling of hegemonies and redistribution of power in UK higher education, by examining the intellectual and practical project of ‘taking up space’. The symposium will feature a keynote from Chelsea Kwakye, alongside performances, panels and practical workshops that examine crucial questions and processes to dismantle hegemonies in higher education. 

The symposium is funded by Brunel University London’s Student Success Project and follows on from last year’s successful and sold-out day-symposium ‘Decentring Diversity: Practising Anti-Racism in the Global University’.