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Public Lecture Series 2020 - People Power

Public lecture series banner 2020

People Power – How can we enable communities and tackle global issues?

Community Voices and Collaborative Action

This lecture discusses the importance of local conversations in an increasingly globalized media landscape, and asks how we can facilitate local dialogue. Can local communities engage in new research and tackle global problems by monitoring local environmental changes? And can collaboration lead to creative solutions that improve the lives of local communities?

  • Mrs Josephine Coleman – Good Vibrations: Community Radio and Voices of the Suburbs
  • Dr Mark Scrimshaw – Citizen Science: Boats and Genomics to Engage People with Water
  • Dr Busayawan Lam – Community Co-Design: Creative and Collaborative Problem-Solving

Join us from 18:00 for a 18:30 start, and enjoy our complimentary drinks reception.

A free public event open to anyone interested in discussions regarding how global issues impact communities. Everyone is welcome! 

Brunel Public Lecture Series 2020 – Acting Local, Thinking Global
From the climate crisis to global healthcare challenges, our planet is facing unprecedented change that relies on us all working together. The global reach of research means that universities can be at the very heart of that ambition, bringing about the discoveries, innovations and social initiatives that can truly make a difference.

The 2020 Brunel Public Lecture Series shines a light on research that has a global impact in three crucial areas – healthcare, communities and conservation – and asks how we can all join together to find local solutions to global problems.

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