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Conference: Re-embodiment and Dis/abilities

Re-embodiment and Dis/abilities

This research workshop-symposium, the first of two (April 28/June 16) is intended to challenge our assumptions about bodies, difference and notions of ‘otherness’ in the arts. It is above all meant to “unmute” our bodies, to challenge troubled ontologies and the freedom to move in this era of pandemics. The term dis/abilities also needs unlabeling; we believe it is important to explore practices and discussions around how mixed ability and disability are defined in the arts and in our culture – as well as in the current shift to online/zoom conferencing & teaching. Who is ‘included’ when we talk about ‘other’ bodies or ‘non-normative’ practice, who is talked over, which lives matter, what can we learn from un-labeling, and overcoming isolation, how we can collectively imagine our re-integrations into presence and corporeal interaction in pandemic and post-pandemic society.

Keynote: Vera Rosner-Nógel (Vienna). Participarting Researchers and Artists: Olu TaiwoMichèle DanjouxGemma CookMeriel Norris, Cherry Kilbride, Shiv GrewalJon CooperRichard Luke, Emma Livingstone, Zhi Xu, Colin Riley​, Maria Chatzichristodoulou , Paul Bevan.

Joining details

Zoom: https://bruneluniversity.zoom.us/j/91557619589

Meeting ID: 915 5761 9589

Passcode: 1835021672

This project is supported by DAP-Lab and Brunel University Research Seminar Series Award

Performance and Ephemeral Sustainabilities in Public Space Research Group

Research Lead: Prof. Johannes Birringer


Centre for Health and Wellbeing across the Lifecourse