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Webinar: Global Public Health Challenges and Opportunities: Insight from the Experts - Session 2

Challenges in Breast Cancer Control in IndiaProfessor Ravi Mehrotra

In this webinar, Professor Mehrotra will draw upon both his clinical and academic expertise to discuss the current challenges associated with breast cancer control. Using his knowledge from researching cancer prevention as well as his time serving as the President of Indian Cytologists, he will specifically focus on the Indian context.

Ravi Mehrotra is the CEO/Program Lead of the India Cancer Research Consortium (ICMR) and an Adjunct Professor at Brunel. He is a Member of the Scientific Council- WHO-IARC. Earlier he led the ICMR-National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research as well as the WHO-FCTC Global Hub on Smokeless Tobacco. He is interested in translational clinical research in cancer, tobacco. control and implementation science.

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