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Seminar: Inclusion and exclusion in local governance: a post-development and spatial perspective on a field study from Benin

This presentation draws on a qualitatively oriented in-depth policy study (Ball, 1993, 2015; Rizvi and Lingard, 2010) to explore the discursive and social practices of the actors involved in the provision of pre- and primary education to enact the 2010 decentralisation policy in Benin (West Africa). The study adopts a post-development framework (Escobar, 2012; Ziai, 2017) in combination with a spatial lens (Massey, 1994; 2005) to critique the very idea of 'development' and to emphasise the significance of space, time and place in the process of educational inclusion and exclusion. More specifically, it traces how actors in two localities in the South-East and North-East in the post-colonial setting of Benin interact, exploring how the local and the global intersect in policy implementation. In so doing, it throws into sharp relief the multiple complexities of local practices, and how they impact on the processes of exclusion/inclusion and how this affects the achievement of equity and decolonisation.

Dr Eva Bulgrin

Eva Bulgrin completed her PhD at the Centre of International Education of the University of Sussex. Her doctoral research explored the discursive and social practices of actors in Benin involved in the provision of pre- and primary education in the context of the decentralisation policy 2010. Her research interests include theories and concepts of education; quality, equity & inclusion; governance, globalization, democracy & power; and different approaches to teaching and learning. Eva is interested in using creative and visual strategies to 'produce', analyse, and write-up data, and engage in dialogue with different theoretical paradigms. She has worked as an advisor in education & development in Global South contexts, notably West Africa and South Caucasus.

The seminar is part of the open research series 'Education, the global South, and Beyond', at the Department of Education. It is being held Thursdays lunchtime, 1 to 2 pm, in the Zoom meeting room. This series aims to create an interactive space for postgraduate students, doctoral and early career researchers, scholars, research practitioners and faculty to meet in a relaxed, supportive and collaborative environment to discuss topics of international education, development and related issues. A Zoom link will be shared on the Diversity, Equity and Education Collective (DeCol) webpage. 

DeCol is a network of international scholars, mostly doctoral, postdoctoral and early career researchers working on issues of education and development. It aims to expand research and practice in education and beyond by inclusion of multi-disciplinary perspectives, creative approaches, and contextualised understandings of multiple lived realities and experiences in diverse international contexts.

Everyone warmly welcome!

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Topic: Inclusion and exclusion in local governance: a post-development and spatial perspective on a field study from Benin
Time: May 13, 2021 01:00 PM London

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