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SMEs Navigating COVID-19: Lessons from the UK & the MENA Region

This valuable session, jointly hosted by Brunel University, UK & IEL International, and the UK serves as a platform to share knowledge, experiences, and solutions to rebuild SMEs in both the MENA and the UK.

We welcome distinguished speakers from the UK, Oman, and the UAE to discuss how SMEs are leading through times of crisis and change to emerge as resilient, human-centered, agile organizations. We will hear SME recovery stories and learn how the COVID crisis has disrupted traditional business models, ushered in new ways of working and operating, and changed the face of strategic decision-making.

We will explore the following key questions: What are the specific and common challenges being faced by SMEs in the UK and the MENA under COVID-19? Beyond financial rescue packages, what more do we need to aid SMEs through the recovery ahead? What skills do SME owners need to acquire in order to future-proof their operating models and adopt a more human-centered, sustainable, and inclusive approach to business recovery and growth?