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Seminar: Brunel South Asia research

Brunel University London hosts a vibrant multidisciplinary research community that develops and executes innovative research work across Latin America and the Caribbean. The impact of Brunel’s research work is growing and becoming critically important for stimulating policymaking and addressing complex development challenges in both regions.

This seminar series is part of the efforts to promote and make Brunel research work on South Asia visible. It provides a platform to celebrate the diversity and excellence of Brunel research and share knowledge, ideas, and solutions on varied related issues. The event also provides an opportunity to foster new partnerships and formulate new research projects.

Chaired by Professor Geoff Rodgers, Vice Provost (Research) Brunel University London


India relevant solar technology and vacuum insulation research at Brunel

Dr Harjit Singh, Senior Lecturer, CDEPS

Solving the employability gap in South Asia through the missing blanket training approach

Dr Pauldy Otermans, Chair and Principal of Otermans Institute, Lecturer (Education) in Psychology

Crisis Epistemologies and Environmental Violence in Kashmir

Dr Omer Aijazi, Lecturer in Global Challenges

'If the gas runs out we are not going to sleep hungry’: The everyday jugaad in securing household energy in critically polluted central India

Dr Devanshi Chanchani, Global Challenges Research Fellow


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