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The (new) Geopolitics of Knowledge – Understanding the technologies of subjectification in the global discourse on innovation and excellence in education

The educational processes worldwide are widely shaped by neoliberal logic of knowledge-production (Hazelkorn 2017; Erkkilä and Piironen 2018). In a continuously globalised world, the competition over logics of knowledge-production is accompanied by epistemic and political changes as well as by postcolonial and power discourse (Robertson et al. 2016; Moisio 2018; Reiter 2018; Parreira do Amaral et al. 2019).

In context of the (new) Geopolitics of Knowledge (Mignolo 2002) and using the theoretical lenses of Michel Foucault (Foucault 1988), the paper intends to provide a critical perspective on new and emerging forms of subjectivities and learning subjects. To narrow down the scope of analysis, it particularly examines the so-called 21st century key skills and competencies discourse (SCD) and unwraps discursive practices and technologies of subjectivation operating within. By compiling and critically assessing the world’s most popular frameworks of key skills and competencies it tries to address the production of subjectivities and understand their relation to the current geopolitical dynamic.


Jozef Zelinka holds a PhD. in political science (University of Münster, Germany). In his doctoral thesis he applied the power analytics of Michel Foucault, particularly his notion of governmentality, to explore the neoliberal dispositive of prevention. At the same time, he joined the EU-funded research project YOUNG_ADULLLT focusing life courses of young adults at the intersection of lifelong learning policymaking and inclusion in education and work in Europe. In his current research phase, he addresses the issues of vulnerability, 21st century skills and competencies discourse, as well as the technologies of subjectification in the global education. While waiting for his next research appointment, his current affiliation is a private gymnasium for gifted children in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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The seminar is part of the open research series 'Education, the global South, and Beyond', hosted by the Diversity, Equity and Education Collective (DeCol)

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