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Webinar: Brunel Research Festival: Communities

Brunel Research Festival

A celebration of our Research at Brunel and beyond

Join us in celebrating the world-class and challenge-led research carried out by our colleagues from across the University, in the inaugural Brunel Research Festival throughout the month of May.

Showcasing the diverse impacts our research has on society, both in the UK and globally, the Festival is a celebration of our excellent disciplinary research, innovation and interdisciplinary activities across a packed programme of events.

The Brunel Research Festival is open and free to all, offering a wide variety of interactive workshops, open lectures, panel discussions, and research demonstrations organised according to Brunel’s five strategic challenge areas. 


Week Two: Communities

Global, Secure, Connected Communities

The second week of the festival (10th - 14th May) features a plethora of free online events celebrating our world-class research.

Join us to discover the cutting-edge research addressing some of the most pressing challenges for Global, Secure, Connected Communities, including events on:

  • The Politics and Geography of Civil Liberties and Free Speech
  • Reframed Queerness in Contemporary Francophone Writing from the Maghreb
  • Critical Approaches to Managing Plastics Waste
  • Promoting Employee Pro-Environmental Behaviour Change in the Workplace
  • A #BrunelCuppaScience with the Director of the Institute of Communities and Society
  • Introductory showcases from Research Centres within the Institute
  • A Dance Film Screening: “Electric Dance, or How to Talk with Birds”
  • “The rich sit on chairs”: making sense of persistent poverty in rural southern Africa 
  • Daljit Nagra reads from the forthcoming Indiom: Reimagining an Empire English
  • An Annus Horribilis: Through the Lens of an International Human Rights Lawyer

And much more..!

Discover the full programme and find more information at: www.brunel.ac.uk/BRF