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Webinar: Co-Innovate Conference-programme Launch Event and Q&A

The devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on lives and livelihoods are as real, as they are uncertain.

The vaccine programme offers real hope to businesses to build resilience, plan their recovery, and introduce and foster wellbeing in the workplace, and redefine “A New Normal”.

Brexit has happened and offers opportunities for new and existing innovative, dynamic, and ambitious businesses to access overseas markets.

The Co-Innovate Programme’s – Journeys and Bridging the Gap, in-house innovation directors and academics, in collaboration with external specialists and professionals, have designed a series of thematic conferences, workshops, and 1:1 and group mentoring activities to help London’s SMEs to navigate the journey ahead – a roadmap for economic recovery.

Our research-led and knowledge driven-virtual (for now) events can help your business to become more agile, and adapt to the changes and challenges ahead, regionally, nationally, and globally. And grasp new business and investment opportunities to diversify and grow.

The events will commence in June of this year and run-up to December 2022. It will feature keynote speakers and panel members from varied backgrounds and countries, including central and regional government representatives, industry and business associations, leading academics, influencers, specialists, professionals, practitioners, and SMEs, from the UK and overseas.

The themes include:

Theme 1: Conferences on Beyond Brexit – Global Trade is Changing – The Big Picture

Theme 2: Conference on Building a Culture of Resilience and Innovation - “Redefining A New Normal!”

Theme 3: Conference on West London Meets India – UK-India Relations, with a focus on Business Sectors (Design, Manufacturing and Engineering, Healthcare, Education)

Theme 4: Conference on Tackling Climate Change – A New Beginning

Theme 5: Conference on Financial Wellness in a Changing World

The session will be for one-hour where each contributor will speak for 5 minutes as indicated below, followed by a Q&A session.

Event Speakers:​

Professor Geoff Rodgers - Vice Provost, Research, Co-Innovate Project Director and Session Chair is responsible for all aspects of the research strategy and operations at Brunel University London.

He has led a number of multi-partner academic projects including NSIRC with TWI, BP, Lloyd's Register, and Network Rail. He initiated the Women in Engineering Programme and the STEM Learning Centre at Brunel.

​He is chair of the Governing Body of the Heathrow Aviation Engineering UTC.

Professor Robert Holdway - Professor Associate, Brunel University London School of Engineering Design & Physical Sciences and Director of the award-winning environmental and innovation consultancy Giraffe Innovation Ltd.

Rob is an award-winning designer described as Britain's leading eco-design consultant by the Manufacturer. Rob has worked with Unilever research, Red Bull Advanced Technologies, Dell US, and Defra leading sustainability and design research.

Rob also presented on Channel's 4 'Dumped' programme where people lived on a landfill site.

Ash Verma - Director, Ash Verma Consulting. He is an Honorary Fellow of Brunel University, London, Ash is a consultant, mentor, facilitator, and a former British Civil Servant.

He has held senior leadership positions across various areas during a fifty-year professional and business career, focusing on multi-faceted public/private sector economic development, regeneration, business and enterprise support, international trade, equal opportunities, and health and wellbeing programmes and initiatives.


Dr. Monomita Nandy - Director of Internationalisation and Exchange Coordinator - Brunel Business School, Brunel University London, UK.

She conducts research with local and international businesses on emerging issues in finance and accounting. Dr. Monomita applies an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable development models.

Dr. Wendy Martin - Senior Lecturer, College of Health and Life Sciences at Brunel University London, UK. Dr. Wendy's research and teaching focus on health and well-being, ageing and inequalities in health. 

Who is this webinar for?

Academics and students are welcome to attend. This webinar is also for all London based businesses across various industries and sectors, which are committed to make a change and grow the business to overcome the challenges during this crisis.

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