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Webinar: Let's Get together and Co-Innovate with Social Media speaker Corrie Jones

For registered London Businesses

COVID-19 has already had a significant impact, to date, on business to business and business to consumer activities locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

A question many of you are asking may be “To survive - How quickly can I adapt my business to continue to thrive under current and potential future circumstances?”

Where possible businesses are able to take advantage of current technology to switch to offering their services/products primarily online, however, for some this was not a viable option.

We all know that it will be some time before we get back to a pre-2019 norm, we will have to adapt to the new normal. We are introducing the “Let’s Get Together and Co-Innovate” events as an opportunity where business owners can get together when convenient to chat informally about their current issues, share tips, experiences and business solutions.

Join our Let's Get Together and Co-Innovate Networking webinar to network with like-minded businesses with our guest speaker Corrie Jones which will help you create content that will keep your customers hooked!

Webinar overview:

We will network and get together with Untapped Digital:

• What is content?

• Why should businesses care about creating it?

• And how can they overcome the noise to make their brand’s content stand out?

We'll cover:

• What is content and how can it help your business gain customers

• What is the ideal content creation process

• How to understand what content your audience wants

• Ways to stand out in the age of content clutter

• The rise of episodic content and how it can increase engagement

• Tools to improve your content creation game​