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Alumnus named among most influential in pioneering Islamic economy

Brunel Business School alumnus Dr Jonathan Wilson has been ranked in the top 50 most influential people in the world to drive forward the Islamic economy.

Dr Wilson, who graduated in 2012 with a PhD, was named in the list published by Islamica 500, an international guide to Islamic finance.

The announcement was made at a gala event in Kuala Lumpur, which coincided with the World Islamic Economic Forum on 11 November.

Dr Wilson said: “My supervisors, Professors Ying Fan, Zahir Irani and John Balmer were instrumental in helping me to investigate searching questions linked to real world challenges, and subsequently develop new concepts and theoretical perspectives that attempt to harmonise Western and Eastern perspectives.

“My time at Brunel was further enriched by studying with fellow doctoral students from every corner of the world, and there was great camaraderie.”

His work on Halal branding, Muslim millennials and ethnic popular culture have led to collaborations with Al Jazeera Media, Thomson Reuters and DinarStandard.